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How to find taobao order number

Taobao order number, NOT your order number at the agent!
You place an order with an agent, the agent buys from us through Taobao, we ship to the agent, and the agent ships to you.
When you need to check the products order status with us, you must provide us with a Taobao order number.
Tell me your order number at the agent, it's no use! We can’t query the agent’s website
It is the order number generated by when the agent orders from us
It usually appears on the detail page of your order.
Only numbers, no letters, a long string of numbers with more than 11 digits. Only numbers, no letters,

We take wegobuy as an example to show you how to find Taobao order number:
First, go to your account page and find your order

This string of numbers is the Taobao order number,
if you have you tell me this number,
we can help you find any information
If you can’t find this number, please consult your agent’s customer service
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