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payment method:
With us, ONLY use WISE!
no other payment methods.
Paypal cannot be used!
Paypal cannot be used!
Paypal cannot be used!
If you need to use paypal, please use an agent to buy.

You must note your order number when you pay! After receiving your payment, we will confirm your payment within 48 hours and change your order to waiting for delivery status. If there is no confirmation within 48 hours, please contact our customer service.

For some reason, Only very few items can be shipped directly.If the product you want is not in our direct sales website, please use the agent to buy it

If the product is out of stock or for other reasons, due to the limitation of payment methods, you can only use WISE to refund, and you need to bear the refund fee(about $1). If you do not want to bear the refund fee, we can send you a coupon of the same amount, which you can use next time.

Quality Check Service:
We do not provide QC services, nor do we pay.
If you need QC service. Please use an agent to buy.

If your order is out of stock, we will write an Email to notify you, please pay close attention to your mailbox.
If you still do not reply after 5 Emails, we will ship other items that are in stock in the order.
Unshipped items and corresponding shipping costs will be issued to you through coupons, and of course, by Email. ,,

We generally ship within 3-6 weeks of receipt of payment. Of course, you can also use an agent, under normal circumstances, we will ship to the agent's warehouse within 7 days.

Once shipped, returns cannot be refunded.
If there is a quality problem with the item you received, please contact customer service.

We mainly use EMS, eEMS, ePacket (EUB), DHL, UPS for delivery, which can be shipped to more than 100 countries and regions around the world.
After July 1, 2021, EU countries have implemented a new tariff policy, which is very strict and very troublesome. So now, when shipping to EU countries, you can only use DHL to ship through a third country. Therefore, the shipping order number provided on our website will not be changed until about 20 days after delivery, please be aware.
For other shipping methods, logistics information will be updated about a week after delivery.

Shipping is expensive now and it's not up to us to decide. We don't make money on shipping
I have no way to control the international shipping speed, after shipping, we can only wait for the receipt together. There is nothing we can do but wait.

EMS, eEMS, ePacket (EUB) whether we ship it by ourselves, or use an agent to ship, or another seller, or anyone, anywhere, the shipping speed is the same. Don't believe whoever ships the shipping way faster than the others, it's all bullshit.
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