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Size guide

First of all, our products are sold all over the world, so each of our products has a different size.
Because we are reps products, the size of each of our brands is also different.
We do not have European sizes, American sizes, or Asian sizes here. Because the size of each product is basically different.

Secondly, the design style and size of each dress are different, some are oversize design style, some are tight design style, and some are normal design style. All the same size, the size of the clothes are different,
Look at the two pictures below

This is an oversize design style dress,american brands

This is a slim design style dress,france brand

Look at the numbers on the form, what can you see? Yes, this product with oversize design style, its M size is bigger than this tight-fitting XXL size, right?

Therefore, it is very important that you are not concerned with a specific English letter, such as S M L XL, but the number in our size chart. According to the numbers in our size chart, choose your own suitable size
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